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IELTS General Training Writing Task 2 Guidelines

By Jobnearn Tutorials | August 7, 2016

IELTS General Writing task-2 is an essay writing task which has 6 bands.

Below are some IELTS General Training Writing Task 2 Guidelines to be followed-

  • When you start your writing task, ensure you start with essay, it has 6 bands.
  • Read the question quickly to understand the type of essay.
  • Make short notes on the question paper and follow the same structure.
  • Count the approximate number of words you wrote in a line; this would give you an idea about how many lines in total you need to write. Task-2 needs minimum 250 words and you should not exceed 260-270 words.
  • If you follow the structure and got the type of essay; writing from the short notes would not take more than 20-25 minutes. You can proofread and rectify any mistakes in another 5-8 minutes.
  • You should jump quickly to task-2 once task-1 is completed as task-1 has 20 minutes time. No one will tell you time in between of writing tasks. You will have to take care of both the tasks in one hour time.
  • Do not use abbreviations like etc, ex. Use full words, however.

Type of essays

  • Problematic essay

It is type of essay where a problem is being asked to discuss and also you need to provide some solutions to the problems.

Problematic essay for IELTS Example

Pollution is a major barrier in the path of development. Discuss causes and solutions for it.

Structure of problematic essay for Ielts

Introduction (Generally 3-4 lines)

—-A blank line—–

Body-1(Discuss two causes with example)

—-A blank line—-

Body-2(Provide solutions to the causes with example or figures)

—-A blank line—-

Conclusion (It should be the summary of your essay in 2-3 lines)


  • Descriptive essay

With descriptive essay, you try to describe a situation or a thing with words. Readers should be able to get into the depth of the meaning.

Descriptive essay for IELTS example

Some people think that mothers are better at parenting process, while others give this credit to the fathers. Discuss both views and your opinion.

Structure of Descriptive essay

Introduction (Try to give a neutral introduction on what you will describe next)

—A blank line—-

Body-1 (Describe your first view)

—A blank line—-

Body-2 (Describe your second view)

—A blank line—-

Conclusion (It should be summary with neutral conclusion)


  • Argumentative essay

In argumentative essay, though you will describe two views but you have to either agree or disagree on one fact. It should be made clear from the introduction itself.

Argumentative essay for Ielts example

School and college students should participate in social work. Do you agree or disagree.

Structure of Argumentative essay

Introduction (In the introduction itself say whether you agree or disagree with the statement)

—A blank line—-

Body-1 (Describe your first view)

—A blank line—-

Body-2 (Describe your second view)

—A blank line—-

Conclusion (It should summarize your view mentioned in the introduction)


  • Advantages/Disadvantages essay

In this type of essay you need to explain both the advantages and disadvantages for a particular situation or thing. If the question asks about your opinion at the end, you need to mention it in your introduction.

Example of Advantages and disadvantages for Ielts

Internet has become an important part of our lives. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Also give your opinion.

Structure of advantages and disadvantages essay


—A blank line—-

Body-1 (Describe advantages)

—A blank line—-

Body-2 (Describe disadvantages)

—A blank line—-

Conclusion (An overall summary or opinion if asked)


  • Question essay

When a topic is followed by multiple questions it is called as a question essay. You should answer all the questions mentioned in your essay.

Example of question essay for IELTS

Job satisfaction is a major need of every employee. Why job satisfaction has become an inevitable need? How employers can ensure job satisfaction for their employees?

Structure of question essay


—A blank line—-

Body-1 (answer the first question)

—A blank line—-

Body-2 (Answer the rest questions here)

—A blank line—-

Conclusion (An overall summary for the essay)






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