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Canada PR Without Taking Help of Any Immigration Consultant

By Jobnearn Tutorials | November 17, 2018

Without getting into the details of why someone would choose Canada PR visa, we will directly jump to the point. You have got enough work experience and you are confident about clearing Canada immigration process, but don’t want to pay to immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer? Well, yes you can do it yourself!!

Canada PR

Let’s start with some pros and cons of having an immigration consultant or a lawyer-


  • They will guide you with every step and review your work.
  • They provide updates about the latest news and your eligibility.


  • They will obviously charge you for the application process.
  • They tend to hide actual scenarios and would like you to get registered with them asap.
  • You share all personal details with them.
  • No or some refund in case you don’t get through.

Having said that, can you get all the information an immigration consultant helps you with? Well yes. There are many blogs and forums which provide latest immigration information and also answer your queries. The members in the forum are the actual/passed through candidates who help others with their queries. Only thing is, you need to do a little more work of getting the information yourself for your Canada PR. That’s it.

How to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada

  • Check your eligibility on CIC website to check if you are eligible to apply?
  • Prepare for IELTS exam.
  • If you are eligible, start getting your documents ready like reference letters from your past employers, birth certificate, document translation (in case certificates or any documents are not in English).
  • Start your savings so you can show proof of funds.
  • Also, if you are eligible, start your educational credential assessment process through WES (World education services).
  • Once you have your NOC code, IELTS result copy and WES evaluation report, create your profile on CIC website to get into express entry pool.

We will post more detailed articles targeted at IT people who are planning to get permanent residency in Canada without taking help of Immigration consultants.

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