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IELTS Exam General Training Tips for Band 7 or Higher

By Jobnearn Tutorials | August 6, 2016

What is IELTS exam? 

IELTS- International English Language Testing System

It is an English test which is standardised and accepted across all major countries in the world.  It is used for higher studies(Abroad), Migration and for work as well.

It has four modules/sections for General and Academic test-

Listening Test-30 minutes
Reading Test- 60 minutes
Writing Test- 60 minutes
Speaking- 15-20 minutes

IELTS Band score

You will receive a band score between 1-9.

Band scores for IELTS

1 Non User

2 Intermittent User

3 Extremely Limited User

4 Limited User

5 Modest User

6 Competent User

7 Good User

8 Very Good User

9 Expert User

IELTS Exam General Training Tips

  1. Listening test has four sub-sections with increasing difficulty level.
  2. Reading test has three sub-sections with increasing complexity.
  3. Writing test has one letter writing section and one essay writing section.
  4. Speaking test is a 1-1 discussion with an expert IELTS examiner. It consists of an introduction, then a cue card topic will be provided on which the candidate need to speak for 3-4 minutes followed by some cross questions.
  5. The listening, Reading and Writing test happens on a single day without any breaks. For your speaking test, you will get an invite from the centre where you have registered for your slot.
  6. On the day of main test, ensure that you are prepared to not to take any breaks in between and keep focused on the test. The normal sequence that is followed is, listening test followed by the reading test and then the writing test.
  7. Ensure you have carried your passport and printout of the email on the day of your exam. Also carry pencils, sharpener, eraser, a pen and other required documents mentioned in the email to avoid any eleventh hour hassle.
  8. Since you will reach the centre early, keep yourself cool and help the staff completing the formalities, like registration and verification.
  9. Before entering the main exam hall, ensure you have had water, went to washroom and had your breakfast. The staff with guide you through filling the forms inside the main exam hall and a timer will be there where you can see the time left in the reverse manner.
  10. No breaks are allowed during the test.
  11. Do not try to talk to your neighbours as you might be disqualified for the same.
  12. Keep focused on the questions and don’t try to lag behind the audio and the question.

How to prepare for IELTS General Training Module

  1. Before registering for Ielts exam, you need to have solid preparation for all four modules. Unless and until you make huge mistakes in writing error free sentences, preparation can be done of your own.
  2. If you have difficulty understanding audio, start listening songs on your phone. Try to make notes from the words, listen to audio again and check errors. This way your listening will improve. Since, IELTS exam is widely accepted, one can expect a range of different accents in the listening test.
  3. Make use of timer when you start practising IELTS writing task-1 and IELTS writing task-2.
  4. Make use of timer and suggestions in our reading test to complete it in due time.
  5. Prepare for cue card samples and make use of our IELTS Exam General Training Tips in all individual sections.

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