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How to do Keywords Research using Google Adwords

By Jobnearn Tutorials | August 13, 2016

What are keywords?

Keywords are the search terms which people use to find a particular topic or thing they need at a time. For example, you need to see a doctor in your locality, so you what you do is, open Google and check for doctors near abc street. So that was a keyword which google checks for the best article and shows you the result. The ranking depends on google algorithm which is always a mystery and keep changing every quarter. Now you would like to know how to do keywords research using Google Adwords for free? Let’s understand few basic things first.

Why keyword research is necessary

Keywords are the basic terms which must be included naturally in the articles to let google know that the particular article could a result for this query. However, there is no guarantee ever that your article will get to the top position if you include keywords. It is just your part to include it and rest, leave it to Google to rank it as per their algorithm. However, never try to manipulate google rankings with shortcuts; this could lead to Google penalty which also includes banning of website from its results. Before writing an article, do keywords research and find out the terms which needs to be included in that article which looks natural to Google.

Primary and secondary keywords

For an article there is always a primary keyword (Also known as focus keyword) and some secondary keywords. The keyword which is most important among the total keywords and has maximum search volume, is used a primary keyword and the rest is used as secondary keywords.

For example, you are finding keywords for a restaurant review article for an area abc streets.

And from adwords you found below keywords-

Restaurants near abc streets (With search volume of 1000 monthly)

Top restaurants near abc streets (With search volume of 400 monthly)

Budget restaurants for couples near abc streets (With search volume of 500 monthly)

Best restaurant for family near abc streets (With search volume of 1500 monthly)

So the keyword, Best restaurants for family near abc streets can be used as your focus keyword (primary keyword) and the rest will be used as secondary keyword.

What is keyword Density?

It is the number of times your focus keyword is used per 100 words. Generally it should be kept lower than 2%. That means, your focus keyword can be used 8-10 times in 500 word article. Secondary keywords can be used once or more as required. However, it should look natural and not keyword stuffed. Too much use of keywords in the articles is known as keyword stuffing and can lead to penalty from Google.

What is long tail keyword and how it helps?

Long tail keywords are the amalgamation of keywords done manually. It contains all the words for two or more keywords and combined into a single keyword.

For example, you have below keyword-

Dance classes near London

Best Dance class in London

Top dance class in London

Dance classes in London for couples

Hip hop dance class in London

From the above keywords, we can make a long tail keyword as List of best dance classes in London for solo and couples. This keyword contains the combination of the most of the important keywords from the above list which could help finding in multiple keyword searches.

Step by step guide on how to do keywords research using Google Adwords

1) Sign up for adwords.google.com using your Gmail id. No need to create any campaigns.

2) Login to Google Adwords using your id and password. You will see a screen like below- Click Image to enlarge it.

How to do keywords research using Google Adwords

3) Then click on tools and keyword planner-

How to do keywords research using Google Adwords

4) Once you click on keyword planner, you will see a screen like below-

How to do keywords research using Google Adwords

5) Click on Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.

6) Now, for example we are going to write an article on Blankenberge Beach which is present in Belgium. Start filling the form as below-

How to do keywords research using Google Adwords

Since, this beach is specific to the country Belgium; we have set the country to Belgium. If you are searching for something generic, you can leave this field set to all countries. The search term has been written on your product or services.

You can leave the landing page blank. If you want a narrow result for the search term, you can select a category which we have kept blank for now.

Also, you can choose medium and low competition from keyword filters as high competition keywords are very difficult to rank. Check medium and low boxes from keyword filters to avoid that competitive keywords from beginning.

How to do keywords research using Google Adwords

7) If you wish to provide some terms based on some terms or words; you can provide them on Keywords to include option. However, keep it blank to get more idea about various keywords which people search.

How to do keywords research using Google Adwords

Now click on save and get ideas.

8) You will see a screen like below-

How to do keywords research using Google Adwords

How to do keywords research using Google Adwords

9) Click on the heading Avg Monthly searches to sort the volume descending.

How to do keywords research using Google Adwords

10) From the list, select only the relevant keywords which can be used in the article. Also check for figures like, value of avg monthly searches, competition, and suggested bid. We will discuss about suggested bid later.

For our example, the search volume for Blankenberge  beach is 90 which is fine and can be used as a keyword. Below are the relevant keywords which we selected for this article-

Blankenberge  beach


blankenberge Belgium

seaworld blankenberge

beachland blankenberge

sea life center blankenberge

things to do in blankenberge

The above keywords are relevant while describing a beach and we will use the first one as the primary or focus keyword and the rest as secondary keywords.

Important point-

You might see that there could be some spelling mistakes in the keywords. This is how people search in that particular country. Check the second keyword in the above list, it is slightly different than our search term but people do search like this, and hence we are going to use it as it is and without making any changes to it.

11) Once you get the primary and secondary keywords, include them naturally in your article and try not to use too many keywords in the article. Let it look natural to Google and the audience as well.

How to find high paying keywords

When you sort on the basis of suggested bid, you will see the keywords which has the highest value of bid made by advertisers for that keyword. However, you might need to search as many terms as possible for an article to get relevant high paying keywords.

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