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Safety tips for people immigrating to Canada

By Jobnearn Tutorials | August 16, 2022

Moving to a new country can be an exciting process, though somewhat intimidating as well. People move to a different country due to various reasons – a job, personal needs or to live a better life. Canada is a beautiful country and is quite developed, as such many may want to move there. So how […]

5 Things to Remember Once you Land in Canada

By Jobnearn Tutorials | April 20, 2019

So, finally you have been granted your permanent residence in Canada and you are going to land soon or you have recently landed. Fantastic! Most people in Canada are welcoming to newcomers and things goes smoothly with initial tasks like getting your SIN number, bank account creation, health card creation etc. It is quite possible […]

Automate Your Article Posting Task on WordPress Websites

By Jobnearn Tutorials | March 5, 2019

Managing blogs is an arduous task and bloggers face difficulties like creating new content as per audience regularly, marketing of existing and new articles, getting their page ranked, etc. Uploading articles, formatting them and placing images on a WordPress post is a time consuming task and that usually gets outsourced to other members who take […]

Canada PR Without Taking Help of Any Immigration Consultant

By Jobnearn Tutorials | November 17, 2018

Without getting into the details of why someone would choose Canada PR visa, we will directly jump to the point. You have got enough work experience and you are confident about clearing Canada immigration process, but don’t want to pay to immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer? Well, yes you can do it yourself!! Let’s […]

Essay on Foreign Language Topic for IELTS General Training Task-2

By Jobnearn Tutorials | September 5, 2017

Essay on Foreign Language topic for IELTS General training task-2 can be varied based on the type of essay or the question can be tweaked a bit but the overall content can remain same. You can choose to agree or disagree with the question and stick to that point throughout the essay. If the question […]

How to write a Letter for Intent to Reside in Ontario for OINP

By Jobnearn Tutorials | September 3, 2017

Note- Same letter can be used for other province of Canada by modifying it appropriately. Ontario immigration nomination program has been a boom in 2017 where the lower cut off went below 400 CRS points and they sent notification of interest to candidates from across the world. Once you get the notification of interest on […]

Essay on Art and Culture for Ielts General Training Task-2

By Jobnearn Tutorials | August 27, 2017

Essay on Art and Culture for Ielts General Training Task-2 is one of the common topics for Essay writing. The topic might change a bit or the type of the essay might also be changed, so accordingly the structure of the essay needs to be restructured. However, the content of the essay can be used […]

How to do Keywords Research using Google Adwords

By Jobnearn Tutorials | August 13, 2016

What are keywords? Keywords are the search terms which people use to find a particular topic or thing they need at a time. For example, you need to see a doctor in your locality, so you what you do is, open Google and check for doctors near abc street. So that was a keyword which […]

IELTS General Writing Task 1-Informal Letter Example

By Jobnearn Tutorials | August 10, 2016

Informal letters are the letters sent to your friends, family, or college mates. The tone maintained is informal as you know the person personally. IELTS general Informal letter example You are hosting a party and wish to invite your friend from another city. Write a letter to your friend. In the letter mention- Why you […]

IELTS General Writing Task 1-Semi Formal Letter Example

By Jobnearn Tutorials | August 10, 2016

In semi formal letters, you know the person but maintain professional relationship. IELTS general semi formal letter example You are employed full time and also part of a social organisation which you attend during evening and weekends. You are not able to continue with this social organisation. Write a letter to the administrative head. In […]