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Essay on Foreign Language Topic for IELTS General Training Task-2

By Jobnearn Tutorials | September 5, 2017

Essay on Foreign Language topic for IELTS General training task-2 can be varied based on the type of essay or the question can be tweaked a bit but the overall content can remain same. You can choose to agree or disagree with the question and stick to that point throughout the essay. If the question is asking for your opinion, you must include the term “In my opinion…. ” in the introduction paragraph itself.


As computers translate quickly and accurately, learning foreign languages is a waste of time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Approach for Essay on Foreign Language topic for IELTS General training module

With the burgeoning development of technology, software applications have been developed which translates one language to another with just a click. Some people say that we don’t need learn foreign language anymore but I disagree with the fact that we can rely completely on the computer programs to translate everything for us.

Firstly, language translator programs are a set of words set together in a database which converts from one language to another which lacks human intelligence. Choosing the right set of words can be better done by a person rather than a computer based program which lacks emotion. Secondly, the translated sentence from one language to another by these programs has many flaws and grammatical mistakes and thus it can only be used as a quick reference only. For example, during a free flow conversation humans change their tone and pitch according to the need but a computer based voice translator would remain flat throughout.

Additionally, it would be practically impossible to have a conversation in foreign language with someone using a computer based translator. For email based conversations, these programs might be useful to understand the context but voice based conversation would be difficult. Nevertheless, companies looking to hire employees these days have mandated some knowledge of local language to ensure the employees can converse freely. For example, tour guides speak many foreign languages to explain places to tourists and the conversation would become soporific if the tour guide makes use of a program to translate and explain the visitors.

In conclusion, computer based translation programs are of some use to human beings but this by no means mandate that we don’t need to learn foreign language anymore and become completely dependent on them.

How to make use of the above content for other questions on Foreign Language?

Since there are five different type of essays for IELTS General Training module, the same topic can be modified in many ways but the overall idea of the essay can remain same with either you agree with the question or disagree with the question. Make use of the content and some intelligence to draft your essay quickly. The above Essay on Foreign Language Topic for IELTS General Training Task-2 is a sample written to guide you on the structure, coherence and simple sentences to get a good score in IELTS test.

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